MCE are of the opinion that the continued success and growth of the company is largely dependent on our commitment to challenge and exceed accepted quality standards in every aspect of our business. The safety and welfare of our employees and that of the end users is directly linked to our ongoing improvement of operations and quality management systems. Senior management advocate a transparent philosophy at every stage of the project lifecycle and this attention to detail has ensured our client’s satisfaction and the acquisition of repeat and future business.
  • MCE has developed a quality management system with a view to using it as an effective tool for being in control of, and managing our business effectively.
  • We have a thorough commitment to quality and performance in accordance with our Quality Management System, combining our dedicated personal approach with the capacity to complete major projects successfully.
  • It is our mission that by performing to this Quality Management System, that we shall reflect our skills and efforts first time in the exceptionally high quality of finished projects and level of client satisfaction.
  • We are committed to the ongoing improvement of our operations and our Quality System and it is mandatory for all personnel to act in accordance with the requirements of the Quality System.
  • This strategy has been developed as a tool to ensure that the services and installation procedures employed by our companies are fully implemented.
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